International Counseling

International Counseling

Individual and couples therapy in central Stockholm

There are many reasons to seek counseling. What I’ve experienced in my profession, is that often people who come to live in Sweden from another country will seek counseling as they struggle to adjust. Counseling is a natural and effective way of dealing with these challenges. 

Gestalt therapy offers you a way to explore what’s going on, together with me, your therapist, in the room, in the moment.

Therapy with me will help you become more aware of how you deal with yourself in connection with another person. Counseling with me is an excellent opportunity to bring understanding to why you feel and react the way you do.

Having this knowledge will open up new possibilities for you, To choose how you really want to respond alongside your feelings.

In Gestalt therapy we work together to follow you where you are and put emphasis on your present centered awareness.  As we will follow this process in our sessions it will reveal what it is that needs more attention and clarity.  At all times you are the expert of yourself and in charge of what you decide to bring up in our sessions.

Couples counseling according to EFT (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy)is similar to doing individual work with a Gestalt therapist. The main difference when you seek couples therapy is that my role as your therapist is to also guide you find the trust between the two of you.  The trust that may have been lost along the way. During couples therapy I will guide and help you explore as well as help you share your vulnerabilities or soft spots; those emotional areas where you really feel hurt, where you’re longing for closeness and where emotional safety hasn’t been met. 

In couples therapy I will support you to share your needs and longings with your partner.  You will be assisted to have those difficult conversations and reveal to each other what is behind your anger and hurts. To get to a place of trust and sharing takes courage and my work as your counselor will be to facilitate your process of getting better connected.

My Background and Training

I'm a certified Gestaltherapist from GIS International in Denmark and an authorized member of the Swedish Gestalt organization (SAG). GIS is an international education with students from the Nordic and Baltic countries.

I have worked for several years within the international community in Stockholm with clients coming from all over the world.

I'm trained as a couple therapist in the EFT method (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy). My training took place in London and was led by Sandra Taylor, PhD. I'm a member of ICEEFT.

I have also studied; “The Basics of Psychopathology- A Gestalt Therapy Approach”, in how Gestalt is dealing with psychopathology and diagnosis. The course took place in Helsinki as three different seminars led by Gianni Francesetti, Jean- Marie Robin and Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb

I've in 2021 completed a 2½ years training program called “Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy” led by Ruella Frank, a movement orientated approach to therapy based on the innate ways of contacting that a baby is using.

Besides this; I'm also a trained theater director from the Dramatic Institute of Sweden. Something that often caught me, working with theatre, was the feeling of presence during a rehearsal, when in contact with another human, when everything was possible, here and now.

The very same feeling is one that I also experience in therapy.  In therapy where by accepting the past, you’re free to change what is. A courage and freedom to dare to be yourself, to find your boundaries and to stand up for them. 


GIS International

Certificate of Award. Gestalt Theory and Methodology

Denmark and Estonia 2009-2014


International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy

Completed Externship and Core Skills training

London GB, 25-28 March 2019 and 5-8 December 2022.